Caribe Royale Resort

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Caribbean inspired convention hotel
This busy, family-friendly resort offers a free shuttle to the Disney theme parks. The newly renovated suites are loaded with comfortable amenities, as well as access to tennis and basketball courts. But who has time for basketball with all those theme parks and shopping centers everywhere?


    • DarlaM
      DarlaM Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I worked in the sales department for many years at this hotel until just a year ago to leave for another company. The owner of this hotel is a very old Republican from San Diego (who just died) and he is VERY anti-gay. The hotel refuses to give any benefits to any of their GLBT employees. Many of the upper level gay employees (and there are a few) are afraid to even be out about their life for fear of their job. Every year Human Resources refuses to consider any benefits to their gay/lesbian employees. The sales department lists the hotel on gay sites trying to bring in extra business to the hotel. Trust me that they are only trying to use the gay community for their money and they have no intention of doing anything positive for the gay community or their own gay employees. The owner that just died rides around on his own brand new Boeing 737 jet as his private airplane yet he can't even give health insurance to the gay spouses of his own employees. Before you book here call their Human Resources at 407-238-8486 and ask them what benefits they give to their GLBT employees.