Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace Disney Springs Area

100% love it
High-rise hotel in Disney
This hotel and spa is located in Downtown Disney, with rooms decorated in modern style. Hotel guests gain access to Disney golf courses, and are able to enjoy the poolside bar, spa, and health club. Make sure to ask for a room with views of the Disney fireworks shows!


    • BoyTv
      BoyTv Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Official or not, I've seen it year after year and it's full of HOT MEN. The hotel brings in DJs to play each day for their pool parties. If you stay here you get 4 wrist bands, and the lucky few of us who live here are hoping our friends will give us one of the bands so we can come and dance and play in our swim suits. The pool parties are one of the best high lights of Gay Days. I have many local friends who book a room a year in advance. Drawbacks are that this hotel cannot provide anywhere near enough ICE for our gay boy needs. My friends bring in blenders and mix Miami Vice drinks for all of us. There is never enough ice. I am always getting a call to come out to the pool and please bring a cooler of ice for them. It is not cool to pull your cooler of ice from the parking lot into a huge hotel and then to the 15th floor. I hate that. Apparently this is a huge problem for all of Kissimmee and Lake Buena Vista. Every 7/11, etc in all surrounding areas are out of ice. It's true Gay men drink, and when together, they drink a lot. Room service will also take forever during this week. That seems odd since I know that many of the boys are barely eating food at all during Gay Days. You will definitely find the A crowd of muscle boys at this hotel. It will not disappoint. The hotel is first class and very clean. Please don't leave it as you found it and we will always be welcomed here.

    • 18thand8th
      18thand8th Over a year ago

      Host Hotel for One Mighty Weekend
      This place works well as the host hotel One Mighty Weekend--the circuit side of Gay Disney. It has two good pools and a hot tub surrounded by the hotel towers and a small lake. It's a great venue for the pool parties. The hotel has been upgraded a few notches since it switched from the Wyndham Palace to an LXR hotel a few years ago. It's a mainstream hotel the rest of the year, but far from mainstream during Gay Disney!