GayDays® at EPCOT


Grab those RED SHIRTS and explore EPCOT!

Enjoy the exciting rides in Future World; Test Track and Mission: SPACE or the newly re-imagined Soarin'! Or maybe go drinking around the world stopping in each country of the World Showcase!

EPCOT Schedule:

Youth Meeting Space
Where: Entrance
When: 11:00AM
Meet up and catch a ride through Spaceship Earth or just figure out where you want to explore on your own!

Lesbian's Round the World Crawl
Where: Mexico
When: 11:00AM
Meet in Mexico and start this trip around the world off in style!

Bears of the World
Where: Just before Canada
When: 11:00AM
Start things up north and work your way around the world, drinking and snacking on the delicacies, until you end up in the warm south!

Leather Lovers Test Ride
Where: Test Track
When: 3:00PM
Strap in for a bumpy ride! Or just cool off in the Cool Zone nearby!

Singles Coffee and Cool Off Mixer
Where: Right side of Fountain of Nations
When: 5:00PM
Get to know one another over some Starbucks or if you are feeling adventurous hit Club Cool and try sodas from around the world!

Gay Parents Innovation
Where: Innoventions
When: 5:00PM
Let the kids play and explore while you enjoy some adult time!


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