Corey's Big Gay Dirty Thirty


Hey y'all,

If you're getting an invite to this, it probably means that you're 1) gay, 2) awesome, or 3) both. That's why I want to drag you to the Orlando area for an end of summer Birthday extravaganza.

Here's the deets:
1) My bday is on Aug 18th. So I feel like taking a week to celebrate is totally appropriate. I fully understand if people do not have a week to spare so you can feel free to come and go as you please.

2) I have a timeshare in Kissimmee that can comfortably fit 6 people besides myself in the space (assuming people double up on beds and that no one is using a blow-up mattress). It'll have at least two showers, kitchen (probably two kitchens), living room, laundry facilities, etc. etc. I've accommodated up to 15 people in this same space fairly comfortably. See link below for pics of the space. I can get a second space if enough people are interested that can hold an additional 8 people.

3) The resort is pretty awesome. It has (as I recall) like 20 pools, 3 bars, a full mini-golf course, a waterpark on site, a couple restaurants, a full fitness center, etc. Again, see link below for more details. I've definitely stayed here before and never left the resort.

4) My cousin is a Disney travel agent so I can probably get discounts on all kinds of crap. Let me know if you're interested in any of that and I'll look into it for you. I fully intend on drinking around the world: a fun event where you get boozed up as you wander around Epcot.

5) All I'm asking is a $50 deposit that is fully refundable upon arrival. Gays unfortunately have a habit of being flaky so I want a little skin in the game. Housing is free. Travel and personal expenses are individual responsibility. I'll personally be flying and getting a rental car. I am willing to make trips to and from the airport for anyone that needs a pickup. They also have Uber and Lyft down there and it's only like a 15 minute trip to the airport.

6) If there are people that you think might be interested, lemme know. I'm trying to keep the invites somewhat controlled as there's limited space and, more importantly, some people I get along with don't necessarily get along with each other.

7) Finally, I need to know if you're interested or not by Bear Week (starts July 8th) so I have time to make reservations. That should be plenty of time but lemme know if this is problematic.

Feel free to PM me with questions! Let's make this awesome!



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