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  •   Very Trendy and Friendly w/ Hot Dancers
    xseaniex ·

    June 20, 2014

    I really enjoy Pulse.. And now that Uber is in Orlando I don't have to drive home drunk or wait forever for a cab. You can use the Uber app. Promotion Code: 6gwzj you can get $20 off first ride.
  •   thug life
    Azauzzie ·

    May 10, 2014

    Lots of tough thug looking guys. Had to check twice to see if I was really at a gay bar. It's probably great if you are into that scene but I'm a nerdy white guy so it really wasn't my cup of tea.
  •   Love this place! ·

    January 18, 2014

    Went even on a dead night because of another festival going on in Orlando, the drag show was great, the gogo dancers were awesome... drinks are cheap and tasty... this is a must go... oh and valet parking is sooo convenient!
    onnis ·

    October 8, 2013

  •   Pulse is Awesome
    jojoraez ·

    July 25, 2013

    I went there with my girl at Pulse Orlando. it was awesome place! :)
  •   Wednesday College Night was a lot of Fun
    RichardsLifeCali ·

    June 6, 2013

    Wednesday (college night) is a busy night here. Complimentary valet (the only way the valets make money is by tips – so please be generous). Cover: $5, mixed drinks: $7.50. The place is clean, stylish, large paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling that changed lights with the music was a nice touch, although the small screens over the dance floor didn’t play any videos of the music – just very simple computer animation. There’s the main stage area and bar, separate room with bar and small stages for go-go boys and the drag show – which lasted over an hour and popular. There’s a large covered outside patio with another bar, hookah lounge with seating. They played good house music, a little hip hop towards the end. Everyone was having a good time. It’s a young crowd, although not exclusively. As with any college-age night it may be tough coming by yourself if you’re on travel and try to break in socially. But I met some nice young boys.
    joe.granda ·

    April 18, 2013 via foursquare tips

    Wednesday College nights are awesome!
  •   I Love Pulse...
    jjcar69 ·

    March 6, 2013

    Great place for a drink and Go-Go Boys...
  •   Pulse Orlando Lot Attendant
    JLBrownBIZ ·

    August 10, 2012

    As a person, not as an African American, I want you to know how proud you should be of yourself for lying to those police last night just because you could not accept that I was able to park my car in the space you so dearly coveted. When you said to me, "You've bumped the car behind you four times" and I said, "Is that my limit" and chuckled, I was merely trying to make humor. I may have touched the cars in front and behind once each. I understand by the police report that you took it personally by lying to the police so they would stop me. You have successfully added a heaping, helping of misery to my life by lying. I can only imagine the vindictive joy you felt seeing me handcuffed and taken away by the police and to see my car searched and eventually towed. I hope you were able to capitalize on the parking space I vacated after having been parked for actually less than three minutes. I am never, ever amazed by how absolutely evil people are for the smallest reason. I will post this review multiple times throughout the World Wide Web.
  •   Nice Place.
    jetdc74 ·

    August 5, 2012

    Kinda started off slow but the night picked up. Nice bartenders. Small dance floor , however the music was good.
  •   young crowd, nice place
    drsknight86 ·

    June 23, 2012

    The setup and decor are nice, drinks are good but pricey, dancers bar is fun sometimes when they have men but often theryre just boys
  •   This place sucks.
    zenmonkie ·

    July 18, 2011

    I'll give it this much, the place LOOKS great inside, unfortunately the few times I've never made any friends, as the crowd tends to be to be pretty cliquey and stuck up. Between that and the no re-entry and parking rate, it's not worth it.
  •   Go to Pulse!
    ilkweiner ·

    April 15, 2011

    Pulse is an amazing place to club! The lights, the guys everything is A+. Unfortunately though as with all gay clubs there are some nasty old men, but I must say not as bad as Parliament House. Pulse is great but only on Wednesdays is it packed (college night). Mr. Sisters stole a lot of Pulse's business so Saturdays and Sundays not the best time to go. I'm a college student, so it's free as long as I have my college ID (on Wednesday's). Otherwise it's eight dollars, which sucks. But if your over 21 and come before 11 no fee to come in.
  •   Its fun on college night
    pinklion11 ·

    February 17, 2011

    On college night the bar is happening with a lot of good looking guys around and good size croud and music all night long. Happy hour is for long Islands so take it easy, it can be a long night...!
  •   Don' t go.

    September 25, 2010

    Valet pariking is 5 dollars even if there is space in the parking lot and cover was 10. There was almost nobody the Friday night I went at 10 to 10:pm. You couldn't reenter if you left. I left anyway. What a waste!
  •   somedays awesome. somedays dead.
    naked79 ·

    September 23, 2010

    Fun place some nights thus place is rockin! Yeah I said it. Packed, hot guys fun times! Other nights, you can here crickets chirping (karoke/Latin night) the dancers, again hit or miss. So, go with no expectation and you'll be happy
  •   Expensive and clique....
    chris4519 ·

    September 9, 2010

    Went their on Friday, cover was $10 a piece. Was with my partner. They demand you use valet. Before I even ordered a drink, I was set back $25 + dollars. The place is full of young cliquey queens who have attitude. The bartenders were pleasant so long as you tipped them for every drink. Make sure you bring your debit card with plenty of money in your bank account. You will need it. The decor was average, run of the mill, not horrible but nothing great either.The go go boys were OK if you're into fluffy and not men. If you're are looking for a pick up or even mature conversation, this is not the place to go. This is the first and last time I will ever go to Pulse. The Parliament house, Wyldes, Bar Codes, and Hanks offer far more to the real men of Orlando.
  •   It's gotten better.
    kenken ·

    May 27, 2010

    Very young crowd. No parking except valet. Girl strippers (what?). Almost always a cover. The remodel is nice and the club feels bigger. The drinks are small and expensive. There are a lot of str8 girls, not all young and not all with other gays. Cruisy, but don't expect to seal the deal right away- most of the crowd goes to nearby UCF or lives with mom and dad. Best for 18-27.
  •   Back in the game
    cirquefanian ·

    April 17, 2010

    Pulse is the hottest place to be on Saturday nights! Lots of people, a friendly crowd, great shows, hot dancers and great customer service. Plus if you haven't been to the recently renovated Pulse you haven't seen anything. Come by and check it out ... Make sure you hit it up on a Saturday best night to go!
  •   Eh
    lowkey404 ·

    April 3, 2010

    The club is too small and the crowd was kind of lame: old lesbians, drunk college girls, and queens in urban gear. The music was good, the drags were enjoyable and some of the gogo boys were hotties. The drinks were strong too. 5 dollar cover, which imo isnt bad. A place to check out but not a must see
  •   Nice decor but crowd didn't seem gay
    bigben ·

    March 20, 2010

    Nice decor,music was all hip hop and crowd was mostly Spanish and black. Lots of women,straight couples,dancers were average looking and all dark. I just didn't like it,it seemed like a regular club and not s gay club.
  •   Strippers and go go boys
    DiggerFL ·

    February 27, 2010

    The only time ive seen a cover charge of $20 was New Years. So not sure what the other reviewer was saying Check out the strippers in the back bar. Some nights they each put on their own strip show. Mixed crowd with nights for Latinos, college, strip shows and visiting Porn stars. Good drink specials too, usually martinis in the white bar. Boys, drinks and shows. Its cool.
  •   boys everywhere
    michalchi29 ·

    February 10, 2010

    I visited the club two years ago, I learned that the club was 18+ not something that appeals to me. They charge $20 at the door and it was totally not woth it. There were bunch of little kids being fake and acting stupid. When we got to the dance floor I was being sandwiched between two twinks who thought they can approach anyone they want,maybe if they were good looking. On top of that they spilled our drinks. I'm going back to Orlando on Feb 11 and won't be back at Pulse that's for sure.
  •   Saayyy whhhaaa!
    hotpinky173 ·

    January 25, 2010

    Its a very awesome club, gay and lesbian. Good music, good looking peeps, fabolous. :)
  •   Great decor and totally hip
    BoyTv ·

    September 27, 2009

    There is no parking so valet. It looks great outside and the water wall feature is very cool and they have another one over the dance floor and sometimes a dance is up there behind the water and that can be very sexy. They serve great martinis in the white room. Even the floor is white and very cool. TV monitors are hidden behind the white glass walls. The Disco dance floor reminds me of an over sized genie bottle. It doesn't work flow wise at all because you have to cross the dance floor to get to the black room. The black room as it has been known to be called has an enormous enclosed rectangular bar that forces patrons to squeeze up against the wall. That may be the only way you might meet someone here. The strippers all have those creepy looking banana g-strings. When I first saw the black room on my first visit i knew they must have ran out of money when they got to that space. So rather than fill it with glamourous things they just built an huge bar to suck up the square footage. I think the space is cool overall, but I don't have any friends that will go there with me so I don't go either. If they close off the dance room from the others and maybe change the black room a bit and find a way to make a circular motion around the entire club then they could have a hit.
  •   A crowd of gays barely out of high school

    February 18, 2009

    There are no Gay Man Only bars in Orlando. None that I could find. I stopped by Pulse Disco Bar about 11:00PM. I was told it was the hottest thing in town; obviously, these people do not travel often outside Orlando. I was driving my father Mercedes S 63 sedan and people in line at the club looked at me and the car like I was an alien in a UFO. The valet had and attitude when I refused valet. Documents from my dad were in the car and I could not allow someone to valet the car. After circling the area, and unable to find parking, I asked If I could park myself; yes, but if you keep the key it's $20; not a good start. Got out in expensive party clothes; the weather was like 30 degrees, and the crowd in line already snickering, and the loud mocking laughter. I sported Versace Leather pants, leather boots, a nice shirt, and a wild Claude Montana Leather coat. Made the line with the crowd, pay another $10 for a hottest bar. It is a joke; a bar for teenie boppers, segmented with drag shows, G0-GO dancers, to a raunchy dance floor, to another room bathed constantly in electric colors; with acid it may be a hit. These are mostly twinks; kids barely out of high school, hanging out with lesbians or fag-hags; difficult to tell. They pull up in bargain basement BMW (you know, the December to remember 3 series lease) like they own the world. The hang mostly with bleached blond hair girls, wearing teensy-weensy outfits, rhinestone earrings and dime-store barrettes, and tattoos, and piercing a la carte. Patron Tequila shots sets you back $15; maybe they think is the Breaker Lounge in Palm Beach. I purchased two more, but on a trip to the bathroom, the drinks were stolen. I asked the bartender if the server had removed them; no he said. I guess that is one way these kids can afford a drink in this place. After 30 minutes in the club, I bolted out, and visited Parliament House, an experience not to remember.
  •   Cool Building
    OrlandoExp30 ·

    December 20, 2008

    Actually, the employees here are very friendly and the bar itself is pretty cool looking. The crowd is young and snobby or clique-y at best and the layout is claustrophobic.
  •   It's jumped the shark
    acorlando ·

    April 16, 2008

    It was really great when it opened a couple years ago, but has gone downhill. It *used* to be a gay, sadly, it's more of a Chippendale bar--catering to bridal parties out to see a little man-skin.
  •   Orlando Catches Up!
    Orlando407 ·

    January 14, 2007

    It seems like I was in NYC or LA but very friedly the place is awesome, something for everyone, from Martini to go-go boys! Oh, and you can dance. The Sound system is perfect!
  •   You'll LOVE the ambiance.....but......
    MrFlowers ·

    December 30, 2006

    This bar is definately great the first time you visit. The first time I went was to see all the dancers, My first visit was about 2 months after opening. It was a Sunday night and had about 15 dancers, it was awesome. The bar is set into four sections, outdoor patio, white room, red room, and the black room-strippers. The white room is great, very much so a ultra lounge feeling, the red room is the dance room and never busy, and the black room is great with the dancers. I have been back about 30 times and it has getton worse and worse each time I go back, they have less dancers, the drinks are weaker, and the great crown has changed. Still great place if you want a different ambiance. Great staff for the most part. They now normally only have about 3 or 4 dancers of which one is now female, and some of the guys are not great. All in all its worth a shot....
  •   change of pace
    jbotown ·

    June 9, 2006

    Unique place, often a younger and "upscale" (actual and wanna-be) crowd, can get crowded. The location and strippers have drawn a straight female crowd that can be a buzz-kill at times. Best to plan to valet park.
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